Choreographies Pt.2


Choreographies Pt.2 - BLOK Leyton

Flux Projects is proud to present Choreographies Pt.2, an exhibition of artworks by Arran Gregory, Ben Cullen Williams, Hollie Miller and Merrick d’Arcy-Irvine, exhibited at BLOKspace Leyton and BLOK Clapton. Taking the central concept of the body and movement, this exhibition, the second in a series, showcases artworks in video, sculpture and photography, depicting bodies, whether anatomical or metaphysical, especially in motion. The artworks in BLOKspace Leyton are exhibited in dialogue with an installation by research-based studio anotherform, composed of a large architectural insertion taking its tectonic language from the body and industrial systems: structure, skin and energy. Bodies can be perceived as portals between inner and outer experiences, and choreography transcends this apparent duality, expressing both our physical and psychical selves. This exhibition investigates the significance of material bodies and the potential of movement and dance through different media.